The issue of the deteriorating conditions of indian farmers and the main causes of the suicides

As first reported by the indian express on august 19, 2016, farmer suicides saw a spike of 417 per cent in 2015 from 2014 the year 2015 saw 8,007 suicides by farmers compared to 5,650 in 2014, according to ncrb data. Farmers' suicides in different cultures studies in india, sri lanka, usa, canada, england and australia have identified farming as one of the most dangerous industries associated with a high suicide rate than in general population. The number of suicides by farmers in maharashtra due to various causes was 2,568 in 2014 maharashtra has reported 725 number of suicides by farmers from january-october 2015 due to agrarian reasons. In india, farmer suicides had been reported from various states, viz andhra pradesh, punjab karnataka and orissa 1 maharashtra, one of india’s most prosperous states is currently facing an epidemic of farmer suicides especially in the vidarbha region. The main causes attributed for farmers suicides are ‘bankruptcy or indebtedness’ and ‘family problems’ accounting for 206% and 201% respectively of total farmers’ suicides during 2014.

“farmers’ suicides in andhra pradesh” paper presented at the national seminar on agrarian distress and farmers’ suicides in india, jointly organised by gaps project (cess), hyderabad and department of political sciences, nagarjuna university, guntur. Farmer suicides generally to agrarian crisis, particularly to crop failure, raising input prices, inferior quality of seeds and pesticides, private money lending, inter-linkages of product and credit markets and non-remunerative prices. India: government policies lead to terrible toll in rural suicides by m kailash 28 april 2006 indebtedness, crop failure and the inability to pay back loans due to high rates of interest have led.

Many farmers in india are not much aware of crop rotation though education to the people living in urban area has improved much, the government has ignored about the education for rural people in general and to those employed in agriculture sector in particular. The present study mainly focuses on the causes offarmers’ suicides in telangana and the socio -economic conditions of families of the farmers who committed suicide keywords: agriculture, distress, farmers, suicides. Strategies adopted for prevention of farmers’ suicide the indian small farmers have failed to adjust with these changes managing finance for the agricultural work became a difficult task understanding reflected in farmer suicides in some areas. Findings presented here about farmer suicides in amravati and yavatmal districts, maharashtra, are evaluated in relation to durkheimian theory, which attributes such acts to an historically specific combination of social and economic causes.

There are various reasons behind the suicides of farmers like the failure of the crops, weak financial conditions and the huge loans caused by it a rainfall is a main requirement for agriculture global warming has affected the seasons and has caused the climate change. 2005 besides an internal study the indian air force on suicides by indian navy on 'occupational stress in naval personnel' has also been conducted5 as per these studies, the main causes identified among addressing stress-related issues in army 7 professional, social, financial and domestic needs are met adequately. “in india, we haven’t done good research on farmers’ suicides in terms of mental health this has always been seen as a social issue but if you look around the world, at least 50 percent of farmers and adults who kill themselves would have had a depressive disorder or an alcohol use disorder--the two main mental health conditions,” he.

Monsanto's manipulation and greed in india has caused hundreds of thousands of indian farmers to commit suicide between the years of 1995 and 2013, more than 300,000 farmer suicides occurred. Cases of farmer suicides in the same period in india, almost all in the four states (the statesman, 07/01/07) and annual figures published by the national crime records bureau go up to over 16,000 farmer suicide every year. Abstract marathwada region of maharashtra state is drought prone area of india the draught conditions are affecting the farmers in region until oct 2015, 800 suicides were reported.

  • The study sought to understand the primary causes of these suicides while most farmers have some debt, the suicides are generally a cumulative result of various factors, experts said.
  • But it is by no means the main reason for the farm suicides and with the bulk of those suicides occurring amongst cash crop farmers, the issues of debt, hyper-commercialization, exploding input costs, water-use patterns, and severe price shocks and price volatility, come much more to the fore.
  • Farmer suicides account for 112% of all suicides in india [102] [103] activists and scholars have offered a number of conflicting reasons for farmer suicides, such as monsoon failure, high debt burdens, genetically modified crops , government policies, public mental health, personal issues and family problems.

3 for the past couple of years, farmers’ suicide has become a major issue in the academic narratives, policy analysis and in the every day discourses. We find that mental and physical health are the leading causes of suicides in india (20%) while the often cited factor, indebtedness, causes significantly lower number of suicides (less than 5%. In 2014, the national crime records bureau of india reported 5,650 farmer suicides [1] the highest number of farmer suicides were recorded in 2004 when 18,241 farmers committed suicide [2] the farmers suicide rate in india has ranged between 14 and 18 per 100,000 total population, over a 10-year period through 2005. In early 2016, india’s government approved a $13 billion insurance plan for farmers to protect against crop failures, saying it was intended to put a halt to a recent wave of suicides it went into effect in april.

the issue of the deteriorating conditions of indian farmers and the main causes of the suicides Since the 1990s, farmer suicides in india have made headlines the high number was first noticed in the state of maharashtra and then the media began reporting it happening in other parts of india.
The issue of the deteriorating conditions of indian farmers and the main causes of the suicides
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